About Us

What we do and vision
We help the global green transition to electric vehicles (EV) with an EV Ecosystem to provide fellows and EV users with a seamless value chain and a seamless user experience (UX) in affordability, safety, connectivity, transparency and visibility.
One-stop Platform

Our approach
GND: A down to earth approach in a sense of converging Green industry, New economy and Deep technology into an EV Ecosystem:

Green industry: We develop and supply EU homologated last-mile EV, EV chargers, EV batteries, renewable energy storage systems, solar charging solutions, solar cold chain solutions, etc.;

New economy: We build and run an EV Ecosystem, iceHub | icerLand, a 24/7 digital marketplace and society for the provision of a seamless value chain and a seamless UX to fellows and EV users;

Deep technology: We develop and provide deep-tech solutions like SKD/CKD EV and EV battery assemblies, SaaS of GPS tracking, IoT telematics, MaaS, online transport networks, big-data analytics for EV insurance, leasing, financing, etc.

Where we're heading to
We are making headways to these six United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.
BRI economic corridors


Why EV
● Versus ICE cars, EV have zero emission, 344-360% higher energy efficiency, 50% longer lifespan and save as much costs as 83% of fuel, 50% of service, maintenance, repair (SMR) and downtime;

● The widespread of EV is a major climate action to achieve carbon neutrality; the widespread of EV related technologies, a crucial move to sustain societies in developing countries.
why electric vehicles
why electric vehicles
Why an EV Ecosystem
● EV and new economy are of disruptive technologies. CASE, MaaS, EV maker's online direct sales, pay-per-use subscription vehicle usership, online transport networks, etc., all call for a new value chain and a seamless UX;

● EV charging is a major barrier to EV adoption. A network of charging stations with options like solar charging, battery swapping and leasing is a most effective catalyst;

● When EV proliferate, a huge amount of batteries going to retire from EV will cast a critical environmental impact. A second-life to retired EV batteries is thus crucial. Ultimately, an EV Ecosystem is the only solution.

A bad time and a good time
The year-after-year pandemic and lockdowns are heating up disruptions in supply chains, economies and societies. But time and chance play a part, this has been a bad time for the sustainability of most corporations and societies, and a good time for automotive fellows to create corporate synergy to help the global green transition to EV, thus, help sustain the environment, corporations and societies. Don't wait to join our EV Ecosystem now!